movies with switching bodies: the complete(r) list!

I recently posted a list of movies that I and some friends could think of in which people switch bodies.  It turns out that Wikipedia has a much fuller list (surprise!), although it doesn’t have the Brazilian films Se eu fosse você 1 & 2, so it’s definitely not complete.

The Wikipedia list, below (they also list tv shows, novels, and other media where this phenomenon occurs)

List of movies with body swaps


  1. […] Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds star in “the Change Up”. The two men swap bodies after pissing in a fountain and stating how they wished they had the other ones life. How original. It only has happened in a movie 34 different times. Check out the list: […]

  2. Eric Heiss said

    Great list, though you left out a few; “All of me”, “Summer Switch”, “17 again” (Matthew Perry/Zac Effron), “Dr. Jeckyll & Ms. Hyde” (1995) (Tim Daly/sean young), …

  3. alison said

    You forgot the shaggy dog

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